What we do

Our Mission is to conduct collaborative, world-class research and deliver high-quality education programs in informatics and computational methods and techniques relevant to the improvement of healthcare, public health, consumer health and biomedical research.

Our Vision

  • To be recognised as a leader in the field of health and biomedical informatics research and its application to the practice of precision, participatory and preventive medicine.
  • To play a pivotal role in building Australia's capacity in e-health as well as in biomedical informatics and computing through education, training and knowledge management for professionals.

Our Goals and Objectives

To create a centre that is a gateway, able to connect interdisciplinary research, education expertise and computational resources across the University of Melbourne to address information processing challenges faced by Health and Biomedicine and in doing so achieve national and international recognition in the field of health and biomedical informatics (HIB).

This goal will be achieved following these objectives:

  • Developing a distinctive and compelling research agenda in HBI through a collaborative and cross-university approach.
  • Jointly implement undergraduate and postgraduate education in HBI between the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Melbourne Medical School and other faculties.
  • Leading the development of integrated IT platforms for clinical and translational research.
  • Participating in specific health and biomedical domains via collaboration with internal or external partners.
  • Establishing an international reputation of quality education and research, particularly in the application of informatics and computing in the areas of precision, participatory and preventive medicine.
  • Conducting knowledge management and science dissemination in areas of interest.
  • Attracting researchers from a wide range of perspectives and applying their expertise to HBI challenges.